RELATIONSHIP COMEDY… What is Relationship Comedy?

“Relationship Comedy” is just my comedic approach to ‘Helping Men and Women Communicate Better in Love’. It is my
niche in comedy. I’ve done shows with thousands of people, across the United States and now around the world, over
the past decade and I’ve been able to breakdown some of the Biggest and Craziest Relationship TABOOs through this
simple medium I loved called comedy.

Through our ORIGNAL TABOO TALK TOUR, and TROY RAWLINGS RAW UNCUT LIVE, my team and I have been able to bring
laughter and joy in the midst of some people’s pain and confusion. With divorce rates rising and marriage rates
dropping we don’t need more “Battle Of The Sexes” B.S.! We need love and healing. That’s what Relationship Comedy
is all about. So, WELCOME!

Welcome to a safe place to ask the most stupid, perverse, intriguing, basic, and thought provoking questions you can think of about Sex, Love, and Relationships. What I promise you are two things; no judgement, and the most honest, and sometimes humorous, answers possible. Since I’m not a licensed therapist or psychiatrist, I’ll say this site is For Entertainment Purposes Only…BUT, hey… you may just learn something along the way.

Enjoy, Smile, Laugh, and Love
Love ya!

"Don't get Mad baby…Let's Laugh about it!"